Chosen: Custody of the Eyes (2017)

New at the Browning

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 8:00PM
Browning Cinema

Chosen: Custody of the Eyes (2017) <h4>New at the Browning</h4>
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This documentary is set within the highly insular realm of the Corpus Christi Monastery and tells the story, through self-scrutinizing video recordings, of a former blogger and painter confronting what she believes is her calling: becoming a cloistered contemplative nun. Chosen forms an intimate portrait of “Heather” as she takes on a new name—“Sister Amata”—as she becomes a cloistered contemplative nun in a strict religious order. (Both names are aliases she selected to reflect the Poor Clare Colettine values of hiddenness and anonymity.) Co-presented by the Department of Philosophy.

Director Abbie Reese is scheduled to appear in person!