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Karama Has No Walls (2012)/Libya in Motion (2015)

Seventh Art Stand

Saturday, May 6, 2017 9:30PM
Browning Cinema

Directed by Sara Ishaq
With Saleem Al-Harazi, Anwar Al-Muati
Not Rated, 26 minutes, DVD
Arabic with English Subtitles

The Friday of Karama (March 18, 2011) marked a significant turning point in Yemen’s revolution when pro-government snipers opened fire on a peaceful protest. The tragedy shook the nation to its core and propelled hundreds of thousands more to flock to the square in solidarity with their fellow citizens. Military officials defected and joined the protests; members of parliament resigned and announced their support for the revolution; southern separatists, northern Houthi affiliates and civilians united; entire tribes set aside their weapons, made amends with rival tribes and pitched up tents in the square in support of one cause: the liberation of Yemen from the shackles of an oppressive regime. An extremely divided country, for once, experienced an unprecedented unity. This documentary is an eye-witness account of that day captured through the lenses of two cameramen and the stories of two fathers.

Libya in Motion (2015)
Not Rated, 72 minutes, BluRay
Directed by Various Libyan Filmmakers
Arabic with English Subtitles

This omnibus documentary feature is a series of short stories filmed over three years by fifteen different emerging Libyan filmmakers in post-revolution Libya. From Tripoli to Benghazi, there are brief insights with a wide-ranging cast of citizens: a grandmother sowing the national flag with relish, a young woman determined to become a film director, a fisherman philosopher, and illegal migrants caught in limbo in a detention, among others. The collection offers highlights of people trying to find normality amid often-chaotic situations and young filmmakers learning how to pull together stories through collective workshops.

Co-presented by the Islamic Society of Michiana and the Department of American Studies

Karama Has No Walls (2012)/Libya in Motion (2015)<h4>Seventh Art Stand</h4>