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Rusalka <h4>Met Opera: Live in HD</h4>

Kristine Opolais stars in a new production of the opera that first won her international acclaim, Dvorák’s fairy-tale opera about the tragic water nymph Rusalka.

Sat 2/25/17 1:00PM Browning Cinema

Oscar® Nominated Animated Short Films<h4>New at the Browning</h4>

This year's slate of Oscar® Nominated Animated Shorts includes an eclectic mix of styles, from Pixar's lushness to stark comic book lines, and subjects, from familial wherewithal to a sandpiper looking for dinner. The five films nominated for the Academy Award are supplemented with other titles to give a wide snapshot of animation active outside of the styles often seen in standard animated blockbusters.

Sat 2/25/17 6:30PM Browning Cinema

Oscar® Nominated Documentary Short Films&mdash;Program B<h4>New at the Browning</h4>

We divide the five nominees for Best Documentary Short Film into two programs. In the second, two films from the UK tell compelling stories from the current refugee crisis. Watani: My Homeland follows four young children live with their mother and father, a Free Syrian Commander, in Aleppo; after their father is captured by ISIS, the children flee with their mother and we see their pained journey to establish a new home. The White Helmets, the eponymous group known for being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, are unarmed and neutral civilian volunteers who comb through the rubble after bombings to rescue survivors. Both documentaries blend to show gripping tales of survival and the pressing need to address the refugee crisis.

Sat 2/25/17 9:30PM Browning Cinema

Passion and Resurrection <h4>Sacred Music at Notre Dame</h4>

Doctor of Musical Arts degree recital featuring conductor, Justin Appel, the Notre Dame Concordia, and Ritornello Ensemble present an afternoon concert of Latvian choral music by Eriks Ešenvalds and Peteris Vasks.

This is a free but ticketed event.

Sun 2/26/17 3:00PM Reyes Organ and Choral Hall

South Bend Youth Symphony <h4>Concert and Gala</h4>

Symphony Orchestra performs Howard Shore's original music from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring with Penn High School Choir, plus Higdon Percussion Concerto with soloist Ben Runkel. Concert Orchestra performs music from The Hobbit.

Sun 2/26/17 4:00PM Leighton Concert Hall

Blue Velvet (1986)<h4>Classics at the Browning</h4>

Fresh off his widely-derided adaptation of Dune (1984), David Lynch returned to the idyllic small-town life to undress its seedy underbelly, a common focus of his, in this polarizing neo-noir mystery. Jeffrey (Kyle MacLachlan) returns to his sleepy hometown of Lumberton where he discovers a severed ear in a meadow. He teams up with a police officer’s daughter (Laura Dern) to investigate its source, and their Bloodhound Ganging takes a decidedly darker turn than the standard Edward Stratemeyer book when they begin following a local nightclub singer (Isabella Rossellini).

The mystery continues to take sharper turns when the sleuths encounter the dangerous Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper). Stuffed with common Lynchian motifs, the film’s dreamlike sampling of pop culture and Freudian allusions set a framework he later revisited in Wild at Heart, Twin Peaks, and Mullholland Drive.

Free for Notre Dame students.

Sponsored by the Meg and John P. Brogan Endowment for Classic Cinema.

Tue 2/28/17 8:00PM Browning Cinema

I and You <h4>Department of Film, Television, and Theatre</h4>

Written by Lauren Gunderson. Drawn together by a poetry assignment, two high school classmates spark an unexpected connection.

Wed 3/1/17 7:30PM Patricia George Decio Theatre
Thu 3/2/17 7:30PM Patricia George Decio Theatre
Fri 3/3/17 7:30PM Patricia George Decio Theatre
Sat 3/4/17 7:30PM Patricia George Decio Theatre
Sun 3/5/17 2:30PM Patricia George Decio Theatre

Black Girl (La noire de ... ) (1966)/Borom Sarret (1963)<h4>Classics at the Browning</h4>

Ousmane Sembène, made his feature debut in 1966 with the brilliant and stirring Black Girl (La noire de ... ). Sembène transforms a deceptively simple plot—about a young Senegalese woman who moves to France to work for a wealthy white couple and finds that her life becomes a figurative and literal prison—into a complex, layered critique on the lingering colonialist mindset of a supposedly postcolonial world. Featuring a moving central performance by Mbissine Thérèse Diop, Black Girl is a harrowing human drama as well as a radical political statement—and one of the essential films of the '60s. Black Girl will be preceded by Sembène’s first film, Borom Sarret, a short piece focusing on the life of a cart driver in Dakar.

Free for Notre Dame students.

Sponsored by the Meg and John P. Brogan Endowment for Classic Cinema.

Wed 3/1/17 8:00PM Browning Cinema

Lost and Beautiful (Bella e perduta) (2015)<h4>Nanovic Institute Film Series</h4>

While filming a documentary on Tommasso Cestrone, the volunteer steward of a dilapidated palace in Castera, director Pietro Marcello hoped to bring attention to labor and, broadly, the effects of austerity and crime syndicates on the Italian countryside and its ecologies. When Cestrone passed away during filming, Marcello continued the documentary by shifting its narrative directly into the fabulist realm, complete with a narrating buffalo named Sarciapone and a Puncinella character rising from Mt. Vesuvius to travel with Sarciapone throughout Italy. After that lane change to a cottony road movie, the hybrid film ruminates on nature’s tenderness, Italy’s calmative ruralities, and the mortality of all beasts of burden, be they human or buffalo.

Co-presented by Nanovic Institute of European Studies.

Thu 3/2/17 7:00PM Browning Cinema

The Salesman (2016)<h4>New at the Browning</h4>

Winner of both Best Actor and Best Screenplay at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, this Iranian film generated substantial notoriety when Asghar Farhadi, already an Oscar winner for A Separation, decided not to attend the Academy Awards despite his nomination in protest to current American travel policies for Iran. That current political drama reverberates alongside Farhadi’s tense domestic film in which a young Tehrani couple (Shahab Hosseini and Taraneh Alidoosti) play the lead roles in a local production of Death of a Salesman. The couple also moves into a new house, and the strain they encounter further complicates a collapsing relationship.

Fri 3/3/17 6:30PM Browning Cinema
Fri 3/3/17 9:30PM Browning Cinema
Sat 3/4/17 6:30PM Browning Cinema
Sat 3/4/17 9:30PM Browning Cinema

Pather Panchali (1955)<h4>Classics at the Browning</h4>

With the release in 1955 of Satyajit Ray’s debut, Pather Panchali, an eloquent and important new cinematic voice made itself heard all over the world. A depiction of rural Bengali life in a style inspired by Italian neorealism, this naturalistic but poetic evocation of a number of years in the life of a family introduces us to both little Apu and, just as essentially, the women who will help shape him: his independent older sister, Durga; his harried mother, Sarbajaya, who, with her husband away, must hold the family together; and his kindly and mischievous elderly “auntie,” Indir—vivid, multifaceted characters all.

Free for Notre Dame students.

Sponsored by the Meg and John P. Brogan Endowment for Classic Cinema.

Sat 3/4/17 3:00PM Browning Cinema

Philharmonia Quartett Berlin <h4>Presenting Series</h4>

Since their foundation in 1985, the Philharmonia Quartett Berlin has been a world-renowned quartet, especially known for their interpretations of Beethoven and Shostakovich. The quartet has an extensive repertoire that spans from the Classical Era to contemporary works.

Sun 3/5/17 2:00PM Leighton Concert Hall

Aparajito (1956)<h4>Classics at the Browning</h4>

Satyajit Ray had not planned to make a sequel to Pather Panchali, but after the film’s international success, he decided to continue Apu’s narrative. Aparajito picks up with Apu and his family having moved away from the country to live in the bustling holy city of Varanasi (then known as Benares). As Apu progresses from wide-eyed child to intellectually curious teenager, eventually studying in Kolkata, we witness his academic and moral education, as well as the growing complexity of his relationship with his mother. This tenderly expressive, often heart-wrenching film, which won three top prizes at the Venice Film Festival, including the Golden Lion, not only extends but also spiritually deepens the tale of Apu.

Free for Notre Dame students.

Sponsored by the Meg and John P. Brogan Endowment for Classic Cinema.

Sun 3/5/17 3:00PM Browning Cinema

Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)<h>Classics at the Browning</h4>

An unfulfilled housewife (Rosanna Arquette), stuck in the milquetoast suburbs of New Jersey, suffers amnesia after an accident. Upon awaking, she is mistaken for an incredibly fashionable drifter (Madge), and the plot takes a Carrollian trip through mid-80’s New York City. Often noted as Madonna’s first major film role (if one overlooks Vision Quest), Desperately Seeking Susan impacted the playlists and sartorial choices for the second Reagan administration while placing Susan Seidelman on the path to directing more comedic films focused on and starring women, including Making Mr. Right and She-Devil.

Sponsored by the Meg and John P. Brogan Endowment for Classic Cinema.

Tue 3/7/17 8:00PM Browning Cinema

Abend-Musique XLVIII <h4>Department of Music</h4>

The Schola Musicorum presents Chant and Polyphony from the Eternal City. The program features hymns by Tomás Luis de Victoria published in Rome in 1581 "according to Roman usage." Also on the program is chant and organ music from Roman sources.

Tue 3/7/17 9:00PM Reyes Organ and Choral Hall

The World of Apu (Apu Sansar)<h4>Classics at the Browning</h4>

This extraordinary final chapter in Ray’s “Apu Trilogy” brings our protagonist’s journey full circle. Apu is now in his early 20s, out of college, and hoping to live as a writer. Alongside his professional ambitions, the film charts his romantic awakening, which occurs as the result of a most unlikely turn of events, and his eventual, fraught fatherhood. Featuring soon to be Ray regulars Soumitra Chatterjee and Sharmila Tagore in star-making performances, and demonstrating Ray’s ever more impressive skills as a crafter of pure cinematic imagery, Apur Sansar is a moving conclusion to this monumental trilogy.

Free for Notre Dame students.

Sponsored by the Meg and John P. Brogan Endowment for Classic Cinema.

Wed 3/8/17 8:00PM Browning Cinema

Hedda Gabler (2017)<h4>National Theatre Live</h4>

Just married. Bored already. Hedda longs to be free ... Hedda and Tesman have just returned from their honeymoon and the relationship is already in trouble. Trapped but determined, Hedda tries to control those around her, only to see her own world unravel. Tony Award-winning director Ivo van Hove (A View from the Bridge) returns to National Theatre Live screens with a modern production of Ibsen’s masterpiece.

Sponsored by Brady Endowment for Excellence for Live Theatre Broadcasts.

Thu 3/9/17 7:00PM Browning Cinema

20th Century Women<h4>New at the Browning</h4>

Director Mike Mills (Beginners, Thumbsucker) returns to features after a six-year absence with this Southern Californian bildungsroman that largely swaps out Hockney for dark, evening interiors. Dorothea Fields (Annette Bening) is a tough lady. She’s a single mother north of fifty who is bound and determined to raise her teenage son in the loose footing of late '70s Santa Barbara. Dorothea assembles a village to assist her, including a punk artist (Greta Gerwig), a chilled-out maintenance man (Billy Crudup), and a canny neighborhood girl (Elle Fanning).

Fri 3/10/17 7:00PM Browning Cinema
Sat 3/11/17 7:00PM Browning Cinema
Sun 3/12/17 3:00PM Browning Cinema

Junie B.'s Essential Survival Guide <h4>Presenting Series</h4>

Family Show Series

Now that Junie B. Jones is an expert first-grader, who better to write the book on everything you need to know? From bus rules to backpacks, carpools to cookies, Juniper Beatrice and friends deliver big laughs along with the final silly word on surviving school in style.

Sat 3/11/17 11:00AM Patricia George Decio Theatre
Sat 3/11/17 2:00PM Patricia George Decio Theatre

La Traviata <h4>Met Opera: Live in HD</h4>

Sonya Yoncheva brings her acclaimed interpretation of the doomed courtesan Violetta Valéry to Live in HD audiences for the first time, opposite rising American tenor Michael Fabiano as her lover, Alfredo.

Sat 3/11/17 1:00PM Browning Cinema

Sing Street (2016)<h4>New at the Browning</h4>

Sent to a new school as his family hits economic and emotional hard times, a young Dubliner (Ferdia Walsh-Peedo) forms and fronts a ragtag band (the eponymous Sing Street) with classmates as English New Wave music crests in the 1980s. After overplaying their hand to impress a local girl, the band hustles to record songs in a makeshift living room studio. Beholden to the whims of older siblings’ varying tastes and the merry-go-round of stylish hairstyles, the band reinvents itself often (from Duran Duran to The Cure) while creating one-shot music videos to raise their visibility. The cheery result is like setting Son of Rambow to music and lyrics.

Fri 3/17/17 7:00PM Browning Cinema
Sat 3/18/17 7:00PM Browning Cinema
Sun 3/19/17 3:00PM Browning Cinema

Haydn's &quot;London&quot; Symphony <h4>South Bend Symphony Orchestra</h4>

As part of the June H. Edwards Chamber Series, the South Bend Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Carmen-Helena Tellez of Sacred Music at Notre Dame.

Sun 3/19/17 2:30PM Leighton Concert Hall

Curie_Meitner_Lamarr_indivisible<h4>Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics<h4>

Radiation. Nuclear fission. Frequency hopping. Portraits of three STEM pioneers: Marie Curie, Lise Meitner, and Hedy Lamarr.

Wed 3/22/17 7:30PM Patricia George Decio Theatre

Blow Out (1981)<h4> Classics at the Browning</h4>

John Travolta gives one of his greatest performances, as a movie sound-effects man who believes he has accidentally recorded a political assassination. He enlists the help of a possible eyewitness to the crime (Nancy Allen), who may be in danger herself, to uncover the truth. With its jolting stylistic flourishes, intricate plot, profoundly felt characterizations, and gritty evocation of early '80s Philadelphia, Blow Out is an American paranoia thriller unlike any other, as well as a devilish reflection on moviemaking.

Free for Notre Dame students.

Sponsored by the Meg and John P. Brogan Endowment for Classic Cinema.

Wed 3/22/17 8:00PM Browning Cinema

The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble (2015)
<h4> New at the Browning</h4>

Director Morgan Neville received the Academy Award for Best Documentary for 20 Feet to Stardom, a film highlighting the backup singers overlooked as their songs turn platinum. Yo-Yo Ma’s efforts to bring recognition to largely unknown musicians and instruments through his Silk Road Ensemble project aligns neatly with Neville’s discover-the-undiscovered wheelhouse. Ultimately a mix of travelogue and musical, the documentary shows the depth and breadth of world music.

Thu 3/23/17 7:00PM Browning Cinema

The Red Turtle (2016)<h4>New at the Browning</h4>

Another striking animated feature with ties to Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, this film pulls in an European element with British-Dutch Michael Dudok de Wit co-writing and directing. Deeply allegorical, the film’s simple plot and lack of dialogue allows the striking visuals to take the limelight. Fans of Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and other Studio Ghibli films should find engrossing the film’s adventures of a castaway who finds himself on an island looking for purpose.

Fri 3/24/17 6:30PM Browning Cinema
Fri 3/24/17 9:30PM Browning Cinema
Sat 3/25/17 6:30PM Browning Cinema
Sat 3/25/17 9:30PM Browning Cinema
Sun 3/26/17 3:00PM Browning Cinema

Idomeneo <h4>Met Opera: Live in HD</h4>

James Levine conducts a rare Met revival of Mozart’s Idomeneo, set in the aftermath of the Trojan War.

Sat 3/25/17 1:00PM Browning Cinema

Kronos Quartet with Wu Man <h4>Presenting Series</h4>

Teddy Ebersol Endowment for Excellence in the Performing Arts

In Chinese thought, spring is associated with the direction east. As Earth spins us toward this season of renewal, the Kronos Quartet's captivating program is an aural and visual meditation of a deep—and changing—connection to nature in Chinese culture. From sky (Phillip Glass's Orion: China) to land (Four Chinese Paintings) to a single home (A Chinese Home), pipa virtuoso Wu Man anchors stories about life and traditions that are classic Kronos.

Sat 3/25/17 7:30PM Leighton Concert Hall

Raining Stones (1993)<h4> Classics at the Browning</h4>

Desperate to find the money to pay for his daughter’s First Holy Communion dress, an out-of-work Brit takes on a series of odd jobs. Short of the cash he needs, he turns to a local loan shark and puts his entire family at risk. Two-time Palme d’Or winner Ken Loach (The Wind that Shakes the Barley, I, Daniel Blake) has built a remarkable body of work shedding much needed light on the plight of the working class. Raining Stones is a highlight of post-Thatcher economic struggle.

Free for Notre Dame students.

Sponsored by the Meg and John P. Brogan Endowment for Classic Cinema.

Wed 3/29/17 8:00PM Browning Cinema

Toni Erdmann<h4> Nanovic Institute for European Studies</h4>

A German daughter (Sanrda Hüller) is surprised by her estranged father (Peter Simonischek), who joins her unannounced as she is outposted in Romania with her corporation. A retired music teacher with a penchant for pranks and a hippie streak, the father dons a costume and creates a persona (named Toni Erdmann) to goof his daughter. His short gag cements itself as the new Herr Erdmann becomes interwoven with his daughter’s workplace. This year’s toast of Europe’s art cinema scene and Film Comment’s #1 film of the year, the film would become the fourth German film to win the Foreign Language Oscar and first since The Lives of Others.

Thu 3/30/17 7:00PM Browning Cinema

Glee Club Spring Concert <h4>Department of Music</h4>

The Glee Club presents its Spring 2017 concert. Family friendly, all ages are welcome.

Fri 3/31/17 8:00PM Leighton Concert Hall

Chorale Spring Concert <h4>Department of Music</h4>

Music for chorus and Baroque orchestra, featuring J. S. Bach's Cantata BWV 10, George Frideric Handel's coronation anthem Zadok the Priest, Igor Stravinsky's Mass for chorus and winds, and Stefan Girardet's Ergo vis vivida animi (world premiere).

Sat 4/1/17 8:00PM Leighton Concert Hall

Solera Quartet <h4>Presenting Series</h4>

Join the popular Solera Quartet for this special program which will feature Beethoven’s sublime String Quartet in a minor, Op 132.

Sun 4/2/17 2:00PM Leighton Concert Hall

Christ's Passion: Medieval Mystery Plays <h4>Department of Film, Television, and Theatre</h4>

Adapted by Mark Pilkinton. Developed at Notre Dame in 1996 and originally produced in Washington Hall, presented now as a prelude to Easter.

Wed 4/5/17 7:30PM Philbin Studio Theatre
Thu 4/6/17 7:30PM Philbin Studio Theatre
Fri 4/7/17 7:30PM Philbin Studio Theatre
Sat 4/8/17 7:30PM Philbin Studio Theatre
Sun 4/9/17 2:30PM Philbin Studio Theatre
Tue 4/11/17 7:30PM Philbin Studio Theatre
Wed 4/12/17 7:30PM Philbin Studio Theatre

Close-up (1990)<h4> Classics at the Browning</h4>

Internationally revered Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami has created some of the most inventive and transcendent cinema of the past 30 years, and Close-up is his most radical, brilliant work. This fiction-documentary hybrid uses a sensational real-life event—the arrest of a young man on charges that he fraudulently impersonated the well-known filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf—as the basis for a stunning, multilayered investigation into movies, identity, artistic creation, and existence, in which the real people from the case play themselves. With its universal themes and fascinating narrative knots, Close-up has resonated with viewers around the world.

Free for Notre Dame students.

Sponsored by the Meg and John P. Brogan Endowment for Classic Cinema.

Wed 4/5/17 8:00PM Browning Cinema

Hernán Reinaudo Tango Concert <h4>Department of Romance Languages and Literatures </h4>

Hernán Reinaudo, one of Argentina's most outstanding new-tango musicians, will offer a concert-lecture, an intelligently articulated combination of music and reflections on the recent developments of tango.

This is a free but ticketed event.

Co-sponsored by the Kellogg Institute for International Studies and the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

Wed 4/5/17 8:00PM Patricia George Decio Theatre

Twelfth Night (2017)<h4>National Theatre Live</h4>

Tamsin Greig is Malvolia in a new twist on Shakespeare’s classic comedy of mistaken identity. A ship is wrecked on the rocks. Viola is washed ashore but her twin brother Sebastian is lost. Determined to survive on her own, she steps out to explore a new land. So begins a whirlwind of mistaken identity and unrequited love. The nearby households of Olivia and Orsino are overrun with passion. Even Olivia's upright housekeeper Malvolia is swept up in the madness. Where music is the food of love, and nobody is quite what they seem, anything proves possible.

Sponsored by Brady Endowment for Excellence for Live Theatre Broadcasts.

Thu 4/6/17 7:00PM Browning Cinema

Nathan Gunn and Julie Gunn <h4>Presenting Series</h4>

Sharon Devine Endowment for Excellence

Nathan Gunn has made a reputation as one of the most exciting and in-demand baritones of the day. He has appeared in internationally renowned opera houses such as the Metropolitan Opera, San Francisco Opera, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Royal Opera House, Paris Opera and Teatro Real in Madrid. Accompanied by Julie Gunn.

Sun 4/9/17 2:00PM Leighton Concert Hall

Rebels of the Neon God (1992/2014)<h4>Classics at the Browning</h4>

Hsiao-kang becomes obsessed with young petty thief Ah-tze, after Ah-tze smashes the rearview mirror of a taxi driven by Hsiao-kang’s father. Hsiao-kang stalks Ah-tze and his buddy Ah-ping as they hang out in the film’s iconic arcade (featuring a telling poster of James Dean on the wall) and other locales around Taipei, and ultimately takes his revenge. One of the key figures of the Taiwanese New Wave, Tsai Ming-liang emerged on the world cinema scene in 1992 with this groundbreaking first feature that hints at his promise.

Free for Notre Dame students.

Sponsored by the Meg and John P. Brogan Endowment for Classic Cinema.

Wed 4/12/17 8:00PM Browning Cinema

A Brighter Summer Day (1991)<h4>Classics at the Browning</h4>

Among the most praised and sought-after titles in all contemporary film, this singular masterpiece of Taiwanese cinema, directed by Edward Yang is finally available for U.S. audiences. Set in the early '60s in Taiwan, A Brighter Summer Day is based on the true story of a crime that rocked the nation. A film of both sprawling scope and tender intimacy, this novelistic, patiently observed epic centers on the gradual, inexorable fall of a young teenager (Chen Chang, in his first role) from innocence to juvenile delinquency, and is set against a simmering backdrop of restless youth, rock and roll, and political turmoil.

Free for Notre Dame students.

Sponsored by the Meg and John P. Brogan Endowment for Classic Cinema.

Thu 4/13/17 7:00PM Browning Cinema

Acting Right: Drama as a Classroom Management Workshop<h4>Kennedy Center Teacher Workshop</h4>

Kennedy Center Partners in Education Teacher Workshop, Acting Right: Drama as a Classroom Management Strategy For Teachers of Grades K-8, empowers teachers with the “how-to” for creating a thriving classroom using active, social, and cooperative learning techniques.

Wed 4/19/17 4:00PM Philbin Studio Theatre

Sweetie (1989)<h4> Classics at the Browning</h4>

Though she went on to create a string of brilliant films including The Piano and the recent miniseries, Top of the Lake, Jane Campion will always be remembered for her stunning debut feature, Sweetie, which focuses on the hazardous relationship between the buttoned-down, superstitious Kay and her rampaging, devil-may-care sister, Sweetie—and on their family’s profoundly rotten roots. A feast of colorful photography and captivating, idiosyncratic characters, the tough and tender Sweetie heralded the emergence of this gifted director, as well as a renaissance of Australian cinema, which would take the film world by storm in the '90s.

Free for Notre Dame students.

Sponsored by the Meg and John P. Brogan Endowment for Classic Cinema.

Wed 4/19/17 8:00PM Browning Cinema

Bach's Lunch <h4>Department of Music</h4>

Enjoy a free noontime concert with performances from the Department of Music performance majors.

Fri 4/21/17 12:10PM Penote Peformer's Hall
Fri 4/28/17 12:10PM Penote Peformer's Hall

Eugene Onegin <h4>Met Opera: Live in HD</h4>

Anna Netrebko reprises one of her most acclaimed roles as Tatiana, the naïve heroine of Tchaikovsky’s opera, adapted from Pushkin’s classic novel.

Sat 4/22/17 1:00PM Browning Cinema

Do the Right Thing (1989) <h4>Classics at the Browning</h4>

The hottest day of the year explodes on-screen in this vibrant look at a day in the life of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Featuring a stellar ensemble cast that includes Danny Aiello, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Richard Edson, Giancarlo Esposito, Robin Harris, Samuel L. Jackson, Bill Nunn, Rosie Perez, and John Turturro, Spike Lee’s powerful portrait of urban racial tensions sparked controversy while earning popular and critical praise.

Free for Notre Dame students.

Sponsored by the Meg and John P. Brogan Endowment for Classic Cinema.

Wed 4/26/17 8:00PM Browning Cinema

Ballet Hispanico <h4>Presenting Series</h4>

Robert M. and Ricki Conway Dance Series
Sponsored by the Teddy Ebersol Endowment for Excellence in the Performing Arts

Fusing Latin dance with classical and contemporary techniques, Ballet Hispanico creates a new style of concert dance incorporating theatricality, passion and choreographers representing Venezuela, Cuba, Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia.

Co-presented by the Institute for Latino Studies.

Fri 5/5/17 7:00PM Patricia George Decio Theatre
Sat 5/6/17 7:30PM Patricia George Decio Theatre

Der Rosenkavalier <h4>Met Opera: Live in HD</h4>

The Met’s first new production since 1969 of Strauss’s rich romantic masterpiece is conducted by music director James Levine and directed by Robert Carsen, whose most recent Met production was the hit 2013 staging of Falstaff.

Sat 5/13/17 12:30PM Browning Cinema

Much Ado About Nothing <h4>Shakespeare at Notre Dame </h4>

World-class theatre. Right next door. The Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival's (NDSF) Professional Company presents Much Ado About Nothing. Join director Drew Fracher as he brings big band music & dance to our star-spangled comedy set at the close of WWII.

Tue 8/15/17 7:30PM Patricia George Decio Theatre
Wed 8/16/17 7:30PM Patricia George Decio Theatre
Thu 8/17/17 7:30PM Patricia George Decio Theatre
Fri 8/18/17 7:30PM Patricia George Decio Theatre
Sat 8/19/17 2:00PM Patricia George Decio Theatre
Sat 8/19/17 7:30PM Patricia George Decio Theatre
Sun 8/20/17 2:00PM Patricia George Decio Theatre
Tue 8/22/17 7:30PM Patricia George Decio Theatre
Wed 8/23/17 7:30PM Patricia George Decio Theatre
Thu 8/24/17 7:30PM Patricia George Decio Theatre
Fri 8/25/17 7:30PM Patricia George Decio Theatre
Sat 8/26/17 2:00PM Patricia George Decio Theatre
Sat 8/26/17 7:30PM Patricia George Decio Theatre
Sun 8/27/17 2:00PM Patricia George Decio Theatre